Vivainnova develops it's work in any stage, depending where your company is based. Our help and advice could be very useful for a successful product. From the idea to commercialization.



  • Product Concept: Description of the electronic product that you want to develop, the product idea. Technological monitoring and analysis of techno-economic usefulness of the new product.
  • Conceptual Design: Technical specifications of the product. Cost objective, technical characteristics. Description of validation processes and industrialization.
  • Functional Design: Functional design of electronic products (fully printed or hybrid).
  • Virtual prototyping: virtual model of the electronic product. 3D model that allows to virtually verify technical and functional aspects, minimizing costs and development time.
  • Functional prototype: Physical prototype of the product on which tests and trials are performed to check if it meets the target specifications. Validation of prototypes.
  • Trial production: Information and special tests on the product for CE marking: EMC, Electrical Safety and Climatic Tests. Consultation and validation of production processes.
  • Production phase: Adjustment of your installations for mass production.
NOTE: If your company is interested in getting in on the printed electronics industry, but don't know how, in any stage (a new product, modifying an existing one, or simply making printed products), don't hesitate to ask for an analysis. We will contact you to discuss your idea and give you ours. All of this at no cost. Absolutely FREE.

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